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Scented Cape Town Tours and Fragrance Workshops

Cape Town tours like never before. Join local guide Justin Williams on a journey for the senses, learning stories about the city’s plants and flowers through scent. Discover unique Cape Town experiences for both international visitors and locals alike.

Discover scents with a story.

From the spicy green, resinous facets of fynbos to the salty marine notes of the coast, follow your nose to an unseen world of molecules capable of triggering memories and emotions. This is where fynbos meet fragrance. Unlock your sense of smell and experience the story of Cape Town in a unique way.

Fragrance Workshops

Book your space for a fragrance workshop and explore the complex world of perfumery. From interpreting top, middle and base notes to understanding ratios, solvents and maceration, you will learn how to craft fragrances using a blend of different materials like essential oils, absolutes, isolates, extracts and aroma molecules.

Perfume is wearable alchemy. Every bottle of fragrance contains a mixture of materials derived or synthesized from nature. We practice a 80/20 approach in favour of natural materials over synthetic aromachemicals. Both can be extremely effective when worked together to improve the sillage, drydown and character of a fragrance. When we do make use of synthetic aromachemicals, those materials are vegan and sourced from transparent suppliers embracing cruelty-free practices and green chemistry.